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The technical task for the site, what is it for and is it necessary at all?
Of course for large companies, the technical task is necessary because there are many different nuances and other things. For small and medium-sized businesses it is required basically a business card site for five pages and the word technical task itself simply disappears.
Select a template, alter, change color, pre-prepared information and put it on the site. However, serious companies sometimes have no time to fill in the list of technical specifications.
Sit down and a few days we are fighting together with the director of the page.
According to experience, many people say that in the technical task write such words specifically for understanding users.
Returning to ucoz, I want to note that they have most of the technical specifications already laid out when creating the site. Modules, the choic ... Read more »

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What's the difference between an online store? Virtually nothing, it's nice to add the product to the cart and automated payment with a bank card, paypal, other electronic money of the client.
How not to fall for speculators?
I will say just do not see at very low prices.
It is clear that prices may fluctuate, but not in half. Real reviews about the store you need to look not only on the site itself, you know what I mean. If you pay with a bank card and specify a number, validity period and CVV code, you should remember that some services with this data can again repeat your payment. Without even demanding confirmation from you.
In this case, it is better to have a virtual card and put money into it from the real one. If the store does not have courier delivery, self-delivery and payment on the fact, it's worth thinking about it.
Successful shopping for you on the Internet!

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A well-known site builder has a slogan for creating websites.
Namely - long, expensive, cool.
The truth at the end there is another word, but we will not be foul language :)
For myself, for a long time already, I came up with my own slogan - not for long, inexpensive, good! And now I will describe in more detail.
Not for long ?
A site with a standard template and ready-made content can be created and added in two or three days. Usually certainly longer, as always we wait for the customer and his thoughts. Inexpensive?
Well, start the starting price of the site from $ 500 depending on the complexity, online store from $ 2000, without filling the goods. Why is the store more expensive? Longer training people adding and tie up payment systems.
Good ?
All sites created by us are perfectly located and indexed. Bad only for the lazy. Who do not want to fill once a week with information, news, a blog, a forum, photos and videos. And also lazy ... Read more »

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Do I need a secure connection on regular sites?
Or what is the difference between HTTP from HTTPS.
Essentially, HTTPS is an extension of the HTTP protocol, to support encryption in order to increase security. Data in the HTTPS protocol is transmitted over cryptographic protocols such as SSL or TLS. Unlike HTTP with TCP port 80, HTTPS defaults to TCP port 443.
This is used where authorization is responsible: on payment system sites, mail services, on social networks.
On an ordinary site with the correct settings, you can also put a lock in the form of a secure connection, many like they want to fashion :)
But not many people actually need it.
And the prices for such certificates are not entirely cheap.
A separate word I want to say about online stores, in which there is an opportunity to pay for goods through payment systems.
So most of these known resources have a secure HTTPS connection !

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Mailing or advertising in the form of spam.
You can frankly say that many people are sick of spam, mailboxes are cleaned of junk probably even those who use mail rarely. How does the mailbox get into spam?
Yes, you correctly thought that they left their mail somewhere on the site. But believe me if you will have a spare box that is not the fact that there will not go spam. Especially if the box on the well-known service is simple. According to my reports, I see even how the most of my unknown emails come in garbage by the type of financial pyramids and the like. Here, approximately as with the selection of a password, a dictionary with many known names, names and the like is taken and is simply sent to everything through special mailing services. Also on free sale through the Internet there are programs for collecting and checking mailboxes. Offer bad people and ready e-mail databases, but often most of the boxes in them are non-existent. My personal opinion is that now ... Read more »

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Literally recently, I was approached by one person for help. His site was advertised by one fashionable office, sorry I can not name them. The thing is that the money is taken and the result is not in the promotion of the site. Of course I took help and we met to find out how things are with his site.
For reasons I can not yet show the site and how it was promoted. I can say the following. Progress report no, the customer does not have access to both Google analytics and to his place on the map. There is also no advertising report in Google Advords. The descriptions on the site are also spelled out. There are no bread crumbs at all. Thus money and not small each month were paid. Of course you can say that he himself agreed, but when a busy person thinks that paying will get the result. But such offices have different strategies, the better the customer pays the worse his site moves, and why to withdraw to the top, then will not pay;)

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I wanted to write for a long time, but it was forgotten. Increasingly, fashion websites ask them to click on them or similar when they call on them. But the most fun is that the screen when popping up the window is obscured and there is nowhere to press.
A cross is not always present. What to do ? First press the treasured button esc which means cancel, usually in the upper left corner of the keyboard. The truth is this does not always help, there is a browser window popping up like you really want to leave the site or resource? It's frankly frustrating for me. Of course you can lock windows, but you need and be able to cancel. Block add-ons for browsers and run java scripts, but many resources without them simply will not work correctly. It's not right to argue that anti-virus programs can fight with windows. To do this, there is a special software.

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When creating sites, many are faced with the issue of filling the content of their resources. It's one thing to write about us, to form a price of services or goods. But another constantly fill the site with unique texts. What is the best for promotion and I think to challenge it no one can!
Yes you can talk about fashionable now one-page lending, but that's up it to raise in the search without advertising well in any way. Personal opinion that such sites are needed for one-time sales, provided that there is a budget for advertising or there are no competitors at all :)
Many resource owners make it easier, they take articles from similar sites and simply rewrite them for money, or they themselves. Yes uniqueness can be achieved high and such an article search engine will write to you on the account. But there is one secret if your site is relatively new then copied from you news to another site can count them and not you!
Where to check the uniqueness? This ... Read more »

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How do I add a company to Google Maps?
Just to do this, go to google business https://www.google.com.ua/business
Then add the company, of course you must have a previously created gmail account.

We do step by step:

1. Name of your company
2. Do not touch the default country / region
3. Address - the envelope will come to him by mail
4. City - your city is printed
5. Area - We choose our own from the list, there are also cities there
6. Zip code - the exact depends on the arrival of the envelope
7. The main phone of the company - it's clear
8. Category - enter Google will tell what you need!
9. Website - if the site does not exist, you can not enter anything, then you will be given the opportunity to make a free one from Google.
10. Do we deliver goods to customers or provide services on the road? It should be understood that the compa ... Read more »

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Often people who want to create a website do not always know what to fill it with.
Yes you can talk about a business card website in which there are five pages with basic information about the company and that's it.
Of course the time of static sites has passed though I am ready to argue with this because for the search engines it is the most convenient sites for indexing information. On the other hand, only specialists can alter pages in these sites. Uploading them to the computer and back to the hosting. In a dynamic site, information is available to many because there is no difficulty.
Clicked to add the news, typed and pressed save, everything and it on the Internet. Our customers are busy people, we have to do a similar job for them, well, the information is hard.
And what to add to the site when there is nothing to add?
Speech about the fact that not every business can talk a lot and show and update the site you need, because it's dynamic. ... Read more »

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