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How do I add a company to Google Maps?

How do I add a company to Google Maps?
Just to do this, go to google business https://www.google.com.ua/business
Then add the company, of course you must have a previously created gmail account.

We do step by step:

1. Name of your company
2. Do not touch the default country / region
3. Address - the envelope will come to him by mail
4. City - your city is printed
5. Area - We choose our own from the list, there are also cities there
6. Zip code - the exact depends on the arrival of the envelope
7. The main phone of the company - it's clear
8. Category - enter Google will tell what you need!
9. Website - if the site does not exist, you can not enter anything, then you will be given the opportunity to make a free one from Google.
10. Do we deliver goods to customers or provide services on the road? It should be understood that the company is local or global :)
All filled? Click continue, check the coordinates. We agree and continue again. Enter the name and surname and click send.
In time, a physically beautiful envelope from Google will come to you. It will have a digital code, entering it your company almost immediately gets on Google maps. Good luck)

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