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Learning to promote sites

To use the SEO service Self-promotion, you need good computer skills and basic knowledge of working with the site (html tags, work with ftp, electronic wallet). You should be able to make changes to your site, or have a programmer (or freelancer) at your disposal.
In the process of working together we will analyze your site and competitors' sites. You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your site. You will be able to understand the principles of promoting Google's sites, understand what promotion of the site is, ask any questions on the promotion of your site, to continue to do independent promotion of sites in search engines.

The purpose of website promotion is to attract customers and increase sales. Therefore, much attention will be paid to marketing properties of the site, navigation, landing pages. In addition to the fact that this is necessary for any normal site, search engines have long paid attention to the convenience of the site and put them higher.

You can get the following results:
Increase in sales
Increase in attendance
Significant savings in money
TOP 10 in search results
In the regions, you get results in a few months
Understanding how promotion works on the example of your site.

The most benefit will be for someone who knows the computer well and knows nothing about the promotion of the site. You will save a mountain of time, you do not have to read anyone's conjectures or delve into secret methods (because they are not). Get answers to all questions on your site and avoid information noise from SEO.
If you have already read a ton of information or have gone through some SEO courses, then you will not learn anything new. Most likely you'll have to forget half and start doing it.

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