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So you decided to create a website, and do not know where to start

So you decided to create a website, and do not know where to start?
I'll try to help you figure it out.
In order for you to order a website from a specialist, or to do it yourself, you need to wake the following things:

Purpose of the site

Domain name for the site

Site structure

Functionality of site pages

Purpose of the site

Think about why you are creating a website? you want to sell your goods services through the Internet, talk about your company, publish your ideas and share information with other people, communicate on interests, each has its own goals.

Domain name for the site

The name should be consistent with the destination if the commercial site is .com or the public organization is .org, and of course the name, the name should reflect the purpose - try to express it in one word, the main thing is that such a name is not already occupied.

Site structure
It remains to estimate what pages will be on the site - for example, "services", "goods" or "events" or "forum" - all again depends on the plan you create the site.

Functionality of site pages

Now when there are pages to think about where will be what is located and what functions it performs. What should happen on this or that page - save, send by e-mail, or download a file - all again the same for your needs.


If the information below is not clear to you, I advise you to turn to the services of professionals.


Choose a platform for the site, a site consisting of simple HTML pages works on all platforms, if you are going to use CMS (site management system), then you need to make a choice from any technologies available now, whether asp.net, asp, php, perl, jsp and then proceed to the choice of hosting


When choosing a hosting, pay attention to what opportunities are provided for using web technologies, databases, ftp access, and domain management, mail services, quota sizes, support quality, Up-time. Well, the most important is the price. There are many free services - with minimal opportunities sufficient for small projects
Content Management
If you do not make a website once and for all - think about how and what you will update it


Attractive appearance, not a small part of the success in the struggle for visitors, you can use a lot of ready-made designs (templates) well, and if you want to be irrepressible you can order a design from professional designers. Remember also that you should not overload the site with pictures - many people close an unfamiliar site that is loaded 30 seconds, on the 20th.


Unique and useful content is a pledge of popularity and success of the project, the Internet is primarily an information space. Copy and reroute - it's just that giving your website unique and useful information is not an easy task. If you have it, then you will be a bright place on the gray background of general rending and copy-paste.

Promotion and optimization

You have made a wonderful site, beautiful and informative now you need people to know about you, could find you with the help of search engines or thematic resources. A significant role is played by keywords and descriptions for pages. If you are still not in the top search engines - it is worth to contact the professionals and everyone will know about you.

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