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The Commandments of Web Design

Creating a website is a great opportunity to show your creativity. And yet, some creative inclinations and a desire to realize them is not enough to achieve success in site building. No matter how entertaining your content, on the way to success you are trapped by a lot of trivial traps, which you can easily please, without having a professional experience in web design. The desire to create a unique, unique, or invent a new way of interacting with visitors to the site, can blind even the most promising newcomers-beginners. In this case, the natural tendency to design is an undoubted advantage, but abuse of it can lead to catastrophic consequences.
The following 10 commandments help you stick to the basic principles of web design and take the right course for success:

Love your user as yourself
(And even a little more)

Do not forget that in the end you create a website for users, not for yourself. Of course, you will get satisfaction from working on the site, and the final result will benefit you, but the design of the site should be strongly targeted at the user. No matter how tempting the rich choice of functions and visual elements seemed, you will have to actively resist the desire to add all kinds of gadgets to your site: too "heavy", oversaturated design can scare even the most interested customer. The same rule applies to the design of the navigation menu - the interface of the site should be intuitive and convenient. When developing the site, you should follow the principles of usability (UX - improving the user experience), and not your own guesses, even if it is fraught with the refusal to use the buttons of your favorite color and size:

Make yourself an idol of the image

In addition to presenting your product or service is not in the best light, a poor-quality image can really discourage the client from continuing to explore your site. Use images of exceptionally high quality, and select only those that naturally combine with the atmosphere of your site. It is enough to have one template photo of a businessman to question your professionalism.
Honor your concreteness

Each site should have a basic motto. Concentrate your efforts on the formulation of one clear and effective call to action. Do not distract visitors to the site from out of nowhere-pop-up animation or a cumbersome gallery of images. You do not want the motto carefully elaborated by you to remain unnoticed. In addition, large headlines are now in vogue, so go ahead - encourage users to take action close-up!

Do not covet your neighbor's font

Use the fonts that best suit your needs. Ideally, it is desirable to apply a single font on all pages of the site. If you can not resist the desire to diversify, use two fonts, no more. Using more than two fonts on one page is excessive, this should be avoided at all costs.

Let there be color

Choosing the right color will help you achieve two main goals: creating harmony and getting the desired effect. Each color causes a special reaction in the human brain. Try to choose a color that will match the overall "mood" of the site, and will bring the feeling that you seek to create from an occasional visitor. Having determined the main color, select the appropriate color palette for a harmonious combination.

Join an alliance with social networks

Today, for any independent entrepreneur, a presence in social networks is simply necessary. Facebook and Instagram are irreplaceable means of developing interaction with the client audience. Place on the site links to the appropriate accounts on social networks, and vice versa - engage users of social. Networks to your site. To increase the visibility of your site on the network, you need to take care of its registration in web directories.

Remember the download speed

The load time of the site is one of the most important factors that are often neglected. Users will not sit and wait for the site to load completely, and Google understands this perfectly. As recent studies have shown, a half-second delay can significantly affect the success of an online store, down to a 20% drop or increase in total sales. Moreover, search engines take into account the speed of site loading in their ranking algorithms; As you might expect, preference is given to faster sites. Travel through the net lightly, and you will be happy.

Six days of work, the seventh day optimize SEO

To get a good rating, you do not need to be a professional SEO (SEO - Search Engine Optimization, search engine optimization). Find suitable keywords and put them in appropriate places (meta tags, description, address and website content) - this will cause such giants as Yandex and Google to pay attention to you. Do not abuse keywords, since this will affect the position of your site in the delivery of search results not for the better. These detailed instructions on search engine optimization are sure to come in handy.

Yes, you will have the appropriate address

The address of your site or its URL is important not only for search engine optimization. It determines the image of your business. Make sure that the address of your site is brief, easy to remember, and includes keywords. Choosing a URL is not an everyday thing, you should approach it seriously and thoroughly.

Follow the repeated tests

Nobody's perfect. Even if you are insanely happy with the end result, do not hesitate to ask the opinion of your loved ones. Give a friend "play" with your site and listen to his recall - you will be surprised by the effectiveness of this technique. Experiment, create different sites (it's free), change the text, colors, images and applications until you reach the desired result.
If these commandments are observed with all severity, let your activity in the network flourish and the number of visitors multiply!

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