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The technical task for the site

The technical task for the site, what is it for and is it necessary at all?
Of course for large companies, the technical task is necessary because there are many different nuances and other things. For small and medium-sized businesses it is required basically a business card site for five pages and the word technical task itself simply disappears.
Select a template, alter, change color, pre-prepared information and put it on the site. However, serious companies sometimes have no time to fill in the list of technical specifications.
Sit down and a few days we are fighting together with the director of the page.
According to experience, many people say that in the technical task write such words specifically for understanding users.
Returning to ucoz, I want to note that they have most of the technical specifications already laid out when creating the site. Modules, the choice of any from the news to the online store. Statistics are not worse than Google, the site map is generated by itself, and for the site itself, the store is different and for the third forum, the robots file is correct. Backup please design and content. And much more.
And most importantly, the installation and configuration of this all takes a small amount of time.
In a word, if you were given a file or a printout with a technical assignment, read carefully, emphasize the words of which you do not know and think whether all this is necessary for your future site, what is there asking to fill out :)

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