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The title tag

The <title> tag performs many tasks, both directly and indirectly. The following describes what role the page title will perform:

By the title text, you get additional information about the site on which it is located and what it is called the current page. Don't think that it's enough to specify a site logo in the document and ignore the title because the visitor can minimize the window. In a collapsed view, the title is also displayed on the taskbar buttons, so you can easily navigate to which site you are currently working, rather than through them in turn.

Most browsers support the ability to save a Web page to the local computer. In this case, the name of the saved file is the same as the title of the document. If the title text contains characters that are not valid in the file name (\/: *?) "< > |), they will be ignored or automatically replaced by other allowed characters."

When you save in the Favorites section of the browser, the address of the current page with its title is placed in the list of preferred links. Because this list is typically stored as a separate file, its name is also attached to the rule above.

In keyword search results, search engines use a page title to specify a link to the document. Interestingly, a written title that contains keywords will attract more visitors ' attention and increase the chances that the site will visit more people.

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