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What are keywords

If you've already taken the site, you must have met the term "keywords." The term "core" is not a waste in the definition itself. This can be a better way to convey the importance of key words, which are essentially one of the main factors influencing the ranking of the site by search engines.

So, the faster you can deal with keywords and understand the easy secrets of their proper use, the sooner your site will start to attract the attention of Internet users.

The definition reads: keywords are words (or their set) that describe the subject of a site or text, and are used by search engines to ensure that the search results are accurately matched.

In other words, it is through keywords that you need to describe your site and the Google, Bing, and others search engines. Based on this "description", your site is to be searchable for custom queries that match your subject matter. To help you understand key words, you can compare them to the hash tags used in Instagram or Twitter.

Difficult? In fact, working with keywords is pretty easy and even interesting. And guided by our tips and hints, you're going to be a real expert on the key words!

Imagine that you are providing furniture for the kitchen for an order. Your facilities are located in the city of Tula, and services are limited to a certain region. You've created a very handsome and modern site, and you expect it to lead to a lot of new customers.

Ideally, you should visit the site by the people of Tula and the areas they want to order furniture for the kitchen. Thousands of "miracle craftsmen" interested in the independent manufacture of furniture, visitors from Transbaikalia and many other "irrelevant" visitors are unlikely to benefit you. But what about bringing your target audience to the site?

I think you already have a clue ... Keyword writing allows you to clearly identify your site in the eyes of search engines. The correct "keys" used in the right places are a guarantee that the search engine will include a link to your site in all relevant queries.

Keywords will help search engines find your site on relevant requests.

How do I pick keywords for my site?


I bet you've heard a word like SEO. This English abbreviation means search optimization. This concept includes a wide range of techniques designed to improve the site's search rating. So, the right choice and use of keywords will be the key to a successful SEO optimization of your site.

Compiling a list of keywords is a straightforward and interesting process. Going back to our furniture example, try to visualize yourself as your potential customer. Make a list of requests that your potential customer might be able to identify.

The number of options is limited only by your fantasy. Note that the keyword can consist of a few words. Typically, 3-4 words in the query are the golden midpoint in the preparation of keys.


Ready? Congratulations, a smaller part of the case is done! Move on to a more painstaking process.

In the next step, you will determine how well the original list of keywords matches the actual search queries. It's quite possible that your potential customers will put the search string, say "kitchen furniture," and the finder won't just get your web-enabled keys on the line.

Fortunately, easy-to-pick keyword services offer the most common Google. With them, you can easily get real statistics about your initial queries and learn how high they compete. You can link a query to specific geographic regions and get different key combinations from a specified set of words.

Do not bad if you find that a key from a previously-prepared list in a search string appears only five times a month. Just pick up a different combination of words, statistics that will match your expectations.

Note: Keywords that are characterized by a large number of average monthly requests tend to be highly competitive. This means that in order to get to the leaders of the search for this request, you will clearly not have enough internal SEO-Optimization and keyword-matching.

Note that the competition for popular queries can be high.

To begin with, it's a good time to wrestle with middle and low-competition requests, where the proper use of the relevant keys on your site will make you appear in the first 10

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