We create Websites and support them 24 hours a day.

Also make online stores for sale.

Offer your design as well as change the layout from the templates provided. There will be any modules in your site: news, blog, photos, videos, forum, files, chat, online store and more.

Register users and their comments through social media.


We guarantee that your site will be searched on the first google page!


What do I need to create a Web site?

1. Select and buy the site domain.

2. Purchase hosting for the site.

For new customers, the discount is 50%.

If you purchase a hosting site for an online store, the bonus domain for the selection (.com, org, .net) for 1 year is free.

3. Select a template, remake it. Approve colors, fonts, and position of pictures.

Templates on ucoztemplates.com site

4 Create a site, page, and subpage structure.

For example, home, about us, blog, news, articles, forum, questions, photos, reviews, online stores, contacts, etc.

Prepare a description, about us, contacts, services, and so on. Gather the photos for the site.

5. The name of the site.

Company name, goods, services. You need to understand what do you need from your website in search?

For example: computer repair, service.

The maximum length of the header with spaces and commas is 100 characters.

6. Description of the site, you need to describe what you are doing. 

For example: recovering your computer, installing Windows, removing viruses.

The maximum length with spaces and commas is 250 characters. Words and phrases.


What will you get after you create your Web site?

1. All e-mail notifications about what is happening on the site.

2. Simple change of information at any time. Activates or removes the added material. Lock users and transfer them to other rank.

3. A convenient statistics system password-protected.


What do I need to promote your site?

Fill up your site with interesting information!


How much are your services cost?

The site price from $500 to $5000 depends on the complexity of the work.


What site-building system do we work with?



We'll be happy to work with you!