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How not to let yourself fuck at the creation of the site, yes exactly so I want to call this note, and that's why.
For the last time, a number of customers have addressed me, who, in plain language, have been deceived.
And at their request, I'll tell you how to talk to the future site builder.
The first and the main domain (the name of the site) which should be issued to the host, that is you.
Forgot to say that the texts and pictures for the site should be pre-prepared. Find out from the webmaster on what system your site will be, on this depends in the future your knowledge for content content.
Well, you shook hands and can begin. Immediately stipulate the conditions, for example, site support. Often, if the site is paid for hosting and domain, nothing happens to it.
Support is changes on the site, but what needs to be changed? To be honest, many do not change anything, but they pay for support.
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What is included in the cost of the site?

With such a question new customers are increasingly turning, and it's not surprising since in my offer it is more than just to create a website. Under the word promotion or promotion many people understand something beyond the complex. And many people take well for this knowledge of the illiteracy of the customer, but god with this. A little secret with you. Yes, the content of the site is very important and the main factor. Because search engines crawl a site more often if new information appears on it which of course should not be copied from others. The news is not new, you know what I mean :)
Of course to see your site it needs to be added to the tools of webmasters of the main search engines - Google, Bing.
Be sure that the organization or person who runs a business has an address and therefore add it and the site to the maps of Google.
Do you have a lot of information on the site? It is very useful to crea ... Read more »

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