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Google distributes sites on the domain business.site.
What does it mean ? You have a company on google maps to go in at https://www.google.com/business. We fall into the private office of your company and on the left under the section of the photo the coveted button of the website. We solemnly click and get into the step-by-step creation of the site based on your data on the company on the google map. Of course, there is nothing to say about the full-fledged website, but the second-level domain.
If you have a link but a full site, I advise you to uncheck the site on the maps at the end of the creation. What to say, Google has long been and is able to create free sites https: //sites.google.com.
The downside is that this was not for beginners and the domain is free long. So now google can be considered a designer of landings :)

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Quite often I'm asked to buy this domain name site, I checked it on the Internet no?
In fact, if you have not opened a website, this does not mean that the domain name is free, and that's why. Beautiful and short domain names some companies simply purchase and then resell. For example, you have a domain (it's also a site name) like site.com. You purchased it for $ 10 from the domain name registrar, and you do not have a website. It is not necessary to have the website itself (disk space on the hosting). You can simply extend (pay) each year and wait until someone gets it for a large money. How correctly to check the busy name of the site or not?
For this, there are special services and they are called whois. Sometimes they are interested, but can you have a website without a domain name? Yes, there is such an opportunity. But for this you need to run the http server on the home computer or the repository an ... Read more »

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