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Not so often but sometimes people ask about the site in several languages. Multilingualism of a site is necessary for the large companies. I explain why.
Those who can afford it will make the site for each language their own. For example site.сom is English, but for example the German version of the site sounds like de.site.сom As you can see, this is essentially another site made on a subdomain.
Although as for me it's better to take a separate domain for proper targeting of a foreign audience.
Simply put, each resource will be good for a particular language group of users. On the other hand, the subdomain is remembered better by the user.
How does it simplify everything? Take a site.so make it one language and site.som / de other, slant denotes a folder with another language on the site, also a third and so on.
But you need to understand that the main page of the site for normal and correct indexing can only be in one language.
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