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How to create a free webinar on Google. A lot of services offer the creation of online seminars, but the best and most importantly absolutely free way to trust hangouts, that is Google. How to do it, everything is simple. The first to have an account in Google, many have gmail, part of the case is done. Now you need to go to Google+ and where the ribbon in the left corner of the drop-down menu select hangouts and click on the green button go to hangouts.google.com. Next, left click the ellipsis and choose Hangouts on the air. Then you will be redirected to the page where you will see - Free live video of the meeting on the air all over the world. Click on the button to create a video meeting on the air. Write a topic, description, specify who is available for translation. And most importantly, confirm your identity on YouTube for broadcast, by the way, it's better done in advance. Everyone has a mobile phone.

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Same phone numbers on different sites, why is it bad?
Customers often do not hesitate to have several sites about the same phone numbers. But judging by my many years of experience, I can say that they must be different. Take for example Google maps, if there are several addresses with the same phone, you will be identified as a branch.
Search engines index all the text on the site, the recent case once again convinced one customer that there should not be the same phone number. Some say and what a difference we have sites of completely different subjects. On the example of the cities of the USA, each as a separate country for Google :)
And for a basis I think take contact data, including telephone numbers, which in each region are different.
In a word, two sites - two different phone numbers, and only so!

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Will there be forums with the advent of social networks?
With such a question, those who have a forum or want to create contact me. Answer this question is difficult, the trend is such that many well-known companies refuse to forums and switch to social networks or modules FAQ.
No of course the forums will still live, and that's why. Not everyone loves to show themselves openly. Having created an email and having thought up your login without problems, you can register on any forum. Exclusion of professional forums where you have to pass the test, or you are activated by the moderator manually. Although in conventional forums there has long been a tendency to register through social networks, which prevents spammers from entering well.
Another big advantage of the forum for search engines is its indexing. Especially if they often ask, answer, conduct a discussion.
My personal opinion is that the forums will live, be created and be popular with Internet vi ... Read more »

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What is web2? Like many important concepts, Web 2.0 does not have clear boundaries. It is, rather, the center of attraction. You can imagine Web 2.0 as a set of rules and practical solutions. They are united in some kind of solar system consisting of nodes, each of which is built taking into account some or all of the described rules and is at a certain distance from the center - an excerpt from the computer.
Web 2.0 is not a new version of the "World Wide Web," but only continues to use the technologies and concepts of Web 1.0. Many of the ideas Web 2.0 already met on the network long before the term Web 2.0 came into being. For example, the Amazon.com site allows users to write reviews and manuals since its inception in 1995.
Disadvantages of using web 2.0 implies a high degree of dependence on third-party services:
- the dependence of sites on the decisions of third-party companies, the dependence of the quality of the service on the quality of work of ... Read more »

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How good is registration through social networks in contrast to local users?
Let's start with the fact that a one-time mailbox is not a problem at all, there are a lot of resources. And that's why spammers fall asleep more advanced sites with links to any nonsense type, look how it's interesting.
Almost in all known social networks registration without a mobile phone number is impossible, agree that to buy sim cards for this every time no one will.
I am sometimes asked a question - after all, not everyone has a social network?
Well, in this case, a person sitting at a computer in 99% has a normal email and phone. If he needs to write so much, I think he will be able to have at least one social network.
And if he has mail on Gmail, then in fact, and do not need to, he is already in the social network Google plus
What else can you save from spam if you need guest records on the site?
Of course, premoderation of messages is when you ... Read more »

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More and more I am asked about the forecast of creating sites in the future. And I'll tell you not in vain. Many fashionable Internet researchers say that social networks with instant messengers will almost replace sites in many issues.
After all, many noticed that online stores already exist in some social networks. Users want simplicity in a computer with the Internet. You can not exclude sites, but only because of information about companies, organizations, etc. No matter how good popular bloggers are, almost all have pages in social networks. Even sites with enough decent attendance post their news and other there. In a word, my forecast for the future on the sites is as follows: they were and will be, a self-respecting company whether a private person wants a personal site for anyone :)

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