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Seo website optimization (SEO) process is long and complex, it is often associated with a lot of routine actions that need to be repeated from time to time. Now the optimization of the text is important almost less than its quality and uniqueness, without it even good content and a site for people will not find a place in the top lines of issue. With SEO optimization
There is a huge number of errors.
There is no exact algorithm, there are many opinions, many of which are not competent enough, or are based on other people's experience. Conducting SEO optimization without a certain knowledge and plan, you run the risk of repeating the common mistakes and, thus, depriving your site of the opportunity to take
Highest possible extradition. About this, what mistakes and how to avoid them, I will tell in this article.
Errors in the semantic core of the site
The semantic core of the site is one of the key elements of SEO optimiz ... Read more »

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As in achieving success in any activity, in search engine optimization there are several approaches to increasing the ranking in search engines and attracting traffic. Methods that do not result in any sanctions from search engines in relation to the site that are not prohibited by the rules described in the terms and agreements in each search engine that do not deceive the user who finds the content for certain key phrases that is relevant to these phrases, Are called white optimization methods. In contrast to white, there are also black optimization methods that imply the achievement of the goal in any way, including fraudulent. Some techniques of black optimization have been described earlier. Using these techniques, the site owner risks that his resource can be banned by search engine moderators.

When creating a good resource for people or a corporate site, the use of black methods is not permissible, since they all give only a temporary effect. For a long-term finding o ... Read more »

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Despite the fact that SEO is a very common area of ​​activity in the network.
Internet, many are not familiar with this area and are looking for answers to questions: what is SEO, what it is, who it uses, whether SEO is needed at all.
In the article presented an attempt was made to answer these and other questions related to the main thing, what is SEO?
If you are familiar with what SEO is and use it in your business, then skip this article, here you will not find anything new or useful for yourself. This article is written for beginners who have never before heard of SEO or heard, but did not ask themselves what it is.
SEO Definitions
SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, which in translation means optimization for search engines or simply search engine optimization.

SEO is a form of online marketing, search engine optimization or search engine marketing is the process of ... Read more »

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Compiling the semantic core of the site, in other words, selecting keywords for website promotion is one of the most important parts in the optimizer's work. It is impossible to overestimate this stage of work, because
This is the foundation that will determine whether the promotion of the site will be successful or not, successful for both the customer and the performer.

Have you ever thought about this?

And I can reveal one important point, why it happens. And we have not even talked about the prices for website promotion, we are not talking about the terms of promotion, we are not talking about achieving or not achieving the cherished TOP.

Suppose the usual situation, when the SEO company contacted the customer, provided a list of keywords to promote the site. The firm conscientiously fulfilled the client's desire - the TOP has ... Read more »

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Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content. It is built on a model–view–controller web application framework that can be used independently of the CMS.

Joomla! is written in PHP, uses  ... Read more »

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You'll learn what the ALT and title attributes are and how they differ, how to use them to optimize your site's clip art and links, and how to optimize links and images.

The ALT and title attributes are inseparable HTML elements of a literately optimized page. With clip art, you can increase your resource's attendance by 5-10%, and optimized links improve the quality of your site.

Each search engine takes these attributes into account and their misuse can have negative effects, but if you follow some rules, the ALT and title attributes will help you to move the resource.

than Alt from title

Alt is an alternate text that displays a browser if, for one reason or another, it cannot load a picture (if the picture has been removed from the server or the visitor has turned off the browser's image display). The search bots have not yet learned to "read" the image, but with Viola you can tell the robot what the picture is, what it sa ... Read more »

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If you want to seriously create a website, it's time for you to think about SEO. SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization" and means the optimization of the site for the demands of search engines like Google, Bing. Modern search engines use sophisticated algorithms to determine the order of issuance, so you need to master at least basic SEO skills, so that your site and its content comply with existing standards.

Below are the key factors affecting the ranking in search engines, which you should consider when creating a site.
Keywords are queries that people enter into the search field when they search for something. You need to determine the relevant words for your site. To do this, make a list of all the queries that fit the description of your activity in which you work, and then reduce them to the top 10 most relevant. You will need to add the resulting phrases to the most important pages of ... Read more »

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Before you select the words for the site description-meta tag description, look at the page content. There is one temptation that is easy to give-write a more general description than the site content implies. On the one hand, this may result in a loss of the quality of the search traffic and, on the other, will cause more clicks.

If you can, try to write unique descriptions for each page in your site. Take the first sentences from the text and rephrase them for description. Keep in mind, this is the Snipeta text, and it will be read by people. The proposals are not necessarily the first to be held, and look for a reusable text on the whole page. Train-Select the 2-3 proposals and drop the unnecessary "water" (details below).

Then edit the sentences to make them look perfectly logical. If there are no "calls to action" in the text, calling to action or a descrip ... Read more »

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Working in the Optimization area, you have found secrets in this area that can help you understand and interest site visitors, on the one hand, and search engines, on the other, using their forces to attract new visitors and resource customers. What are they, the site optimization secrets? First, let's deal with the term "optimization." From a mathematical point of view, this is a optimum function in a number of constraints. From an informatics perspective, optimization is the process of modifying the system to improve its efficiency.

That is, the site optimization can be understood to mean a modification of a resource in which the use of each item is not to the detriment of any user (person or robot). By doing "good" for robots, we should not forget visitors and vice versa — doing good for the visitors, we should remember the search geeks. Once the site is created, it is already known th ... Read more »

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Web hosting A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing  ... Read more »

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