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A brief description of the site

Before you select the words for the site description-meta tag description, look at the page content. There is one temptation that is easy to give-write a more general description than the site content implies. On the one hand, this may result in a loss of the quality of the search traffic and, on the other, will cause more clicks.

If you can, try to write unique descriptions for each page in your site. Take the first sentences from the text and rephrase them for description. Keep in mind, this is the Snipeta text, and it will be read by people. The proposals are not necessarily the first to be held, and look for a reusable text on the whole page. Train-Select the 2-3 proposals and drop the unnecessary "water" (details below).

Then edit the sentences to make them look perfectly logical. If there are no "calls to action" in the text, calling to action or a description of the competitive advantage, add them there. Finally, make sure you're not deceiving your user, make sure you give him exactly what he's waiting for. You will have enough space to do this (from 175 to 300 characters). Also, if your brand does not appear in the title bar, be sure to add it to the description.

Remember that the brand is most often in the domain name. If you choose to include branding in the description rather than the title, follow the same logic that works for the headlines: let the brand start. This will give you the boost you want in the search results. It would be a mistake to put the brand at the end-both the title and the description. In short, our advice is that if Brenda is not in the headline-put it at the beginning of the description; If the brand is in the header, do not include it in the description.

Search engines do not always show descriptions. And if they do, they're not always at first. But the main description appears, with text taken from the beginning of the page. So your Brenda has a better chance of being in a profitable place at the top of the list if it's not in the headline. Put the brand at the beginning of the description to achieve this effect. Finally, try to make sure that your text really is a description of the entire page. The key words in the description are not important. But remember, surfers are waiting for keywords to appear in Serp'ah, so try not to disappoint them.

Try to avoid unnecessary commercially oriented information, save space for important words and phrases. Example: Meta description of the Spectehnik sales site in Sochi. That this technique has all the necessary documents and certificates is great. and write about it on the Web site, on the first or second screen-for example, in a slide or in the welcome words, in the "About Us" block-the word, in a noticeable place, because it's important. But in the meta-description, you can write "all documents," because you have a limit of characters to display in Snipetah search engines, and you still need to describe what kind of equipment is being sold and where it is.

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