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Black vs White

As in achieving success in any activity, in search engine optimization there are several approaches to increasing the ranking in search engines and attracting traffic. Methods that do not result in any sanctions from search engines in relation to the site that are not prohibited by the rules described in the terms and agreements in each search engine that do not deceive the user who finds the content for certain key phrases that is relevant to these phrases, Are called white optimization methods. In contrast to white, there are also black optimization methods that imply the achievement of the goal in any way, including fraudulent. Some techniques of black optimization have been described earlier. Using these techniques, the site owner risks that his resource can be banned by search engine moderators.

When creating a good resource for people or a corporate site, the use of black methods is not permissible, since they all give only a temporary effect. For a long-term finding of a site in search engines on high positions it is necessary to use only white optimization methods that have existed since the advent of search engines.
Serious SEO firms, taking the project for promotion, use only white methods when optimizing the site, so as not to blacken their reputation. However, among these differences there are other methods of optimization, including the gray one. Gray methods differ from Black only in that they are not sanctioned, exceptions from search, but often to such gray sites, search engines apply automatic filters that can move the site to the rear. Gray optimizers are mostly larger professionals than white and black optimizers, because they know how to circumvent the rules and not get sanctions.

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