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Childhood mistakes in site optimization

Seo website optimization (SEO) process is long and complex, it is often associated with a lot of routine actions that need to be repeated from time to time. Now the optimization of the text is important almost less than its quality and uniqueness, without it even good content and a site for people will not find a place in the top lines of issue. With SEO optimization
There is a huge number of errors.
There is no exact algorithm, there are many opinions, many of which are not competent enough, or are based on other people's experience. Conducting SEO optimization without a certain knowledge and plan, you run the risk of repeating the common mistakes and, thus, depriving your site of the opportunity to take
Highest possible extradition. About this, what mistakes and how to avoid them, I will tell in this article.
Errors in the semantic core of the site
The semantic core of the site is one of the key elements of SEO optimization, on which much depends. Unfortunately, when creating it, a webmaster is allowed a lot of mistakes. I will tell you about some of them.

The first and most common mistake is the conclusion in the Title tag of the stop-symbols that interfere
Search engines index the contents of tags.
Examples of stop characters:
/> <] [+ =) (And similar ones.
The presence of them in any meta-tag is undesirable. The same can be said about stop words. Their presence is allowed only in the description tag, since it is made up mainly for users of search engines, and not for them. The next error related to composing the semantic kernel is the name of the site in the Title tag on the main page. Why is that bad?
Simply because the name of the site, if it does not contain keywords, will not tell the search engine anything about its content. It is better to conclude the key queries that fully describe your site, 1-2 will suffice. An exception is if the name of your site is a well-known brand that can be searched by a separate request.

The next common mistake with seo site optimization is the description tag content.
The vast majority of inexperienced webmasters try to fill in as many keywords as possible, forgetting or simply not knowing that it is not compiled for the search robot, but for people. Very often the content of this tag becomes a description of the site in the issuance, that is, indirectly affects the
Percentage of site impressions in the delivery to clicks.
Finally, the mistakes peculiar to just more advanced webmasters.
I'm talking about the contents of h1-h6 tags. In many CMS, they contain, by default, minor parts of the site, such as widget headers, etc. It is more expedient in the h1 tag to enter, say, the title of the article, into the tags of the h2 subtitles, etc. Moreover, on the main page in the h1 tag there should be a name of the site, while on the final pages - the names of the articles (or other materials). Doing this is not so simple, and not every webmaster can. But it's worth it.

Errors in site navigation

Navigation on the site is one of the most common errors that directly affect the SEO optimization of the site. The fact is that often external beauty disagrees with convenience and functionality, and webmasters make a choice in favor of beauty.
I'm not even talking about the convenience of site visitors, but about the ability of search engines to index the site. The use of Java scripts for navigation greatly complicates the work of search engines. To make it easier, you need to have a hyperlink to every page of the site. In addition, each site contains many "extra" pages, which search engines should not see.
For example, pages of headings. Often, they are partially duplicated content, which is bad from the point of view of optimization. These pages should be closed for indexing in the robots.txt file.

This is a painful topic for many sites. How much has been said about the need to use the site graphics. However, one use is not enough, it still needs to be optimized. This is done quite simply, but not all webmasters. It is enough to prescribe the title and alt tags from the picture, and its chances of getting into the top lines of the graphic output will grow significantly. In addition, the size and quality of the image matters for search engines, so they should also pay attention. Despite the stereotypes, you can get good traffic from the image, moreover, often,
Very high-quality.

External and internal links

As for internal links - one of the elements of internal seo optimization of the site - then the most common mistake here is incorrect anchors. Often they are not thought of, they do not include key words in them. Direct anchors are also useful, but only in order to dilute the basic ones.
The error concerning external references is quality.
In an effort to save money, many webmasters receive these links by running through directories, bookmarks, which in itself not only does not help, but can also significantly hurt. Here, perhaps, and all the major mistakes. They were typed, as you can see, a lot, and at least one of them occurs in almost every optimizer.
By eliminating them all, you will make a big step towards SEO optimization. Instead of promoting the site in an extensive way, try to do it in an intensive way.

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