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How quickly Google removes filters from the site

If a filter has been applied to your site, regardless of what characteristics served as the reasons for this, then perhaps it was a glut of keywords or other factors.
In this case, you can change your site.
Some time after his repeated visits, indexing by the search robot and re-processing our algorithm, in most cases, your site will be able to recover and improve its position.
As far as the manual filtering is concerned, as far as I know, during the time we worked on it we achieved all that we wanted to realize, in fact, in this respect we now have a timeout. Thus, if you have a hidden text on your site and you have been sanctioned for having a hidden text, then after, say, thirty days, the filter action may end.
In the event that you do something more serious on the site, for example, cloaking or any harmful actions, then the filtering will be longer, but in the end, it also has its own validity period. We try to make algorithms such that you have the opportunity
To correct the situation in the case of applying filters, or if on your site you have committed violations, then in the end the filters can be removed.
Of course, at any time you can send a request for review. If the filter on your site has been manually applied, then we will review your application. If we find out that your site meets our recommendations, then we can remove the filter and your site will be immediately restored and you will no longer have to worry about this.
Let me mention that if you send a reconsideration request, at least for the moment, we check whether the filter was manually applied. For example, if we receive a complaint that a website violates our recommendations, we will check whether it corresponds to reality.
But if the sanctions on the site are imposed by our automatic algorithms, and not manually, as a result of detecting any violations, then usually you will not be able to correct the situation with respect to the algorithm without changing the site. The algorithm will simply continue its work, and you will need to correct the situation on your site so that the algorithms do not define it as
Using search spam.
If you send a request for a review, you need to keep this in mind. At present, the situation is exactly this way and has to do with manually applied filters.

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