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How to get out of Google filters

Any site can sooner or later turn out to be a filtered search engine, lose traffic and attendance. In fact, search engine filters are always on the alert. And for any action there is always resistance, and you can minimize the risk of getting your site under filters.
Minimize this risk can only be learned, with what you will face in the process of promoting your resource. With which Google filters and how do you make these filters go around you?
Google, as one of the largest search engines, is equipped with a whole range of filtering low-quality sites. It should be understood that the internal optimization of sites should be done very carefully, so that you do not have to wonder how to get out of Google filters. Under this
The security system includes all newly created sites, but not everyone can get out from under Google filters. When creating a site and planning its promotion, you should already know about the availability of this filter system and optimize your resource in such a way as to maximize its position in the issuance. And if you still over-salted with optimization or even with the uniqueness of content and flew out of indexing, read how to get out of Google filters. First of all, evaluate what is happening with your site: traffic has fallen; He no longer occupies the top positions; Decreased indexation?
All this really means that the site came under one of the filters.
In this case, the question of how to get out of Google filters becomes very relevant. Knowing what pitfalls are waiting for the optimizer when promoting the site, you can avoid them.

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