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How to raise positions Site

Factors of site ranking

1. Age of the site

Here comments are superfluous. The older the domain, the more confidence in your site from the search engines. The young project simply will not be able to sharply raise its positions in search engines, especially on competitive high-frequency requests. Pages of authoritative resources occupy higher positions immediately after indexation, because they have more confidence in them.
By the way, not only the age of the domain plays a role, the age of the indexed page is also important!

2. Speed ​​and stable operation of the site

Search robots constantly go to the site with the aim of indexing it, if pages are often inaccessible, this will certainly affect the positions of the resource in the SERP. The same can be said about the slow operation of sites and blogs. Robots index millions of pages daily, they have
There is no time to fuss with slow resources. By the way, in the panel of Google webmaster this parameter is marked with a separate item - the effectiveness of the site!
Here you are invited to install the Pege Speed ​​tool, which will help you analyze the speed of loading pages and give a number of tips for optimizing the site to improve this indicator. 

The speed of Internet resources directly depends on the failure rate. For example, if a person goes to your site on their search engine, and it opens very slowly, then most likely your page will be closed before it fully boots.
I also recommend paying attention to optimizing images, reducing the weight of images can significantly increase the speed of loading the pages of the site.
The speed of the site and its availability largely depends on the hosting on which the site is hosted.
For more than six months of use, there was no problem! If you have any problems with hosting, then change it urgently, do not even think!

3. Relevance

Under the relevance of the pages here is understood all that relates to the optimization of posts:
- Match text to the search query;
- correctly composed headlines to posts with mandatory content of keywords;
- filling in the "Description", "Keywords" and "Alt images" tags. L

4. Behavioral ranking factors

Search engines constantly monitor the behavior of users on every Internet resource. The more time they spend on the site, the more pages viewed in one visit, the higher the site positions in the SERP.
The volume of text posts, its interestingness, the availability of images, video and audio in posts, increasing interest (contests, promotions, crossword puzzles, etc.), links to other pages of its resource - all this contributes to the improvement of behavioral factors.

5. Internal page linking

Internal links are links to other pages of the site. Linking inside the site contributes to the increase in the reference mass and the weight of the pages, this contributes to the elevation of the site's position in the SERP, especially for low-frequency queries.
Here I would like to note the importance and quality of the site map, which contains links to all internal pages.
The site map should be up-to-date and contain only those pages that are allowed to be indexed. If the map contains links to pages that are prohibited from being indexed by search engines, this leads to errors on the site.

6. The presence of technical errors on the site

The presence of technical errors on the site clearly affects the position of the site in the SERP. Technical mistakes include:
- presence of duplicates on the site;
- identical, long, short, uninformative page headers or in general their absence;
- a large number of errors 404 and no 301 redirects;
- short, long and repetitive meta descriptions;
- a large number of spelling errors on the site;
- the presence of a large number of broken links from the pages of the site;
- re-optimization of content;
- errors in the code, not a valid html code, poor-quality site layout, etc.
Some technical errors have been described in my posts:
- the correct robots.txt for WordPress;
- how to find and remove broken links;
- black SEO;
- Check the spelling of the text.
I recommend that you read these posts. Regularly monitor and fix errors on your resources!

Other ranking factors

Social factors

Links from social networks are also capable of raising the site's position in search results. Using Twitter, facebook, and other social networks not only improves the indexing of your resource and brings traffic, but also gives a signal to search engines about the quality of sites and blogs.
To get links from social networks, you need to create your own accounts and pages in them.

Website usability
Your Internet project should be user-friendly. Search engines have long learned to evaluate this factor and pay special attention to it.

Content refresh rate
New content on the site, as well as its regular appearance and update, contributes to the growth of positions in the search results. The more often a site or blog is updated, the better. This is a signal to search engines that the resource is being monitored and it is developing.

The presence of non-unique content

If you are seriously engaged in the promotion of the site, then you need to fill it with unique and high-quality content, the presence of non-unique content reduces the confidence of search engines.

Outbound links

A large number of outbound links is one of the most important ranking factors, which can hinder the rise of positions in the SERP.
This applies especially to young projects, which, in my opinion, should not have a large number of outbound links.
I'm not saying that there should not be any references at all, it's just necessary to simply refer to high-quality and thematic resources. Young sites will be useful to refer to various Google services, and resources such as Wikipedia, etc.

Domain History

Also one of the ranking factors. If the Internet resource was previously convicted of violations, and even worse was under the sanctions of search engines, then it will be more difficult for him to occupy worthy places in search results.

Summarizing all of the above, I want to emphasize once again the importance of the quality of sites and blogs, the further, the greater the impact on search promotion will be provided by the quality of the Internet resource, its value and benefits to people. Make websites for people, and there will be search traffic for you.
And adherence to the rules and the implementation of the recommendations of search engines, constant work on improving the factors of site ranking, will help you to significantly increase the positions of sites!

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