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Optimize pictures on your site

You'll learn what the ALT and title attributes are and how they differ, how to use them to optimize your site's clip art and links, and how to optimize links and images.

The ALT and title attributes are inseparable HTML elements of a literately optimized page. With clip art, you can increase your resource's attendance by 5-10%, and optimized links improve the quality of your site.

Each search engine takes these attributes into account and their misuse can have negative effects, but if you follow some rules, the ALT and title attributes will help you to move the resource.

than Alt from title

Alt is an alternate text that displays a browser if, for one reason or another, it cannot load a picture (if the picture has been removed from the server or the visitor has turned off the browser's image display). The search bots have not yet learned to "read" the image, but with Viola you can tell the robot what the picture is, what it says, and what is written on it. Previously, this attribute was required by the W3C standards.

The title attribute (title) is additional information about the picture or link. Its primary purpose is to help the visitor get a more detailed description of the item. The value of this attribute is displayed when the mouse hovers over the object. Do not confuse the title attribute with the same name as the page title tag!

Alt and title are required to be used in the site because, because of these attributes, search engines rank in their search services. If your images are involved in the issuance of these services, this will ensure that additional traffic is added to the site.

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