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Selection of keywords for website promotion

Compiling the semantic core of the site, in other words, selecting keywords for website promotion is one of the most important parts in the optimizer's work. It is impossible to overestimate this stage of work, because
This is the foundation that will determine whether the promotion of the site will be successful or not, successful for both the customer and the performer.

Have you ever thought about this?

And I can reveal one important point, why it happens. And we have not even talked about the prices for website promotion, we are not talking about the terms of promotion, we are not talking about achieving or not achieving the cherished TOP.

Suppose the usual situation, when the SEO company contacted the customer, provided a list of keywords to promote the site. The firm conscientiously fulfilled the client's desire - the TOP has been reached, but for some reason the customer is not satisfied with the result.
In part, he is disappointed in SEO and everything, for some time he leaves the Internet, does not promote this direction any more.
One of the most common causes of such a disorder is not the correct selection of key phrases, and sometimes just not the professional compilation of a semantic kernel for the site.


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