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Usability for online store

Part one. General principles for the whole store.

• Store logo.
Always should be at the top of the page, in the same place and be clearly visible. On all pages, except the main one, the logo is a link to the main page.

• Phone number.
Always is always in the same place on the page;
The phone number is indicated with the city code;
Well visible in the first few seconds of the page;
Near the phone there should always be a link "order a return call";

• Site search.
The search form is at the top of the page, in the header or in the sidebar;
The form is clearly visible even when the page is scrolled;
Near the search form there is a link to the advanced search;
The "find" button must be present;
• The main background of the store is white or light. The font color is contrast to the background.

• All links in the store's content are underlined. Critically important links have pop-up hints.

• All images in the store must have an alt tag

• Do not use scripts that change the appearance of the cursor, do not use scripts like "falling
Snow ", pop-up windows and banners without the user's knowledge.

• The 404 error page should be executed in the store design and contains links to the main sections of the store, site map and search form.

• The site should be correctly displayed in all popular browsers and have a version for mobile phones.

Part two. Base navigation of the store.

• The menu of the goods catalog is always located vertically;

• Nested item menu items should be displayed without reloading the page;

• The menu of the catalog of goods must have no more than 8 items.

• The menu items of the goods catalog must be sorted either alphabetically or by product groups.

• The menu of the catalog of goods should contain virtual categories "novelties", "sales", "best goods" In which goods are selected by any principle.

• Store navigation is horizontal.

• "bread crumbs" are used for all pages of the store.

• The current menu item is always highlighted.

• Links to the pages "payment options", "delivery methods", "FAQ", "Contact information" must be present.

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