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What is included in the cost of the site

What is included in the cost of the site?

With such a question new customers are increasingly turning, and it's not surprising since in my offer it is more than just to create a website. Under the word promotion or promotion many people understand something beyond the complex. And many people take well for this knowledge of the illiteracy of the customer, but god with this. A little secret with you. Yes, the content of the site is very important and the main factor. Because search engines crawl a site more often if new information appears on it which of course should not be copied from others. The news is not new, you know what I mean :)
Of course to see your site it needs to be added to the tools of webmasters of the main search engines - Google, Bing.
Be sure that the organization or person who runs a business has an address and therefore add it and the site to the maps of Google.
Do you have a lot of information on the site? It is very useful to create and install a custom search from Google.
Because a standard search can not always find everything.
Maintaining complete site statistics? And then again we are helped by the installation of the Google Analytics code.
Moreover, if you want, you can create pages of people or companies in popular social networks - Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr and there to do cross posting . In simple language, cross posting copies your news from the site and places it automatically on the page of your social network. For the simplicity of users, it is possible to comment on social networks, while the list of social networks can be edited. Adding Rss site feeds to known Rss directories.
Correctly filled and decorated Google plus profile also allows you to quickly find you and your site, as well as create and install on the site snippet. Also a good tool for the initial promotion of the site is the creation of a small video and then upload it to Youtbe.com with a description and a mandatory link to the site.
And the last attention of the customer to his site, it's not strange not everyone finds time to follow and fill. Here if this situation develops, you need to pay for advertising. Or you want to be above all in search, but here the price depends on your subject and it is not yet known whether it will give you a result or not. Unless, of course, you have an order of magnitude less order than competitors can and should be advertised :)
I forgot to say about the support, in my understanding, the support of the site is help to the customer if something incomprehensible happens on his website, and not pulling out money for support once a month without any work :)

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