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What is web2, common sense

What is web2? Like many important concepts, Web 2.0 does not have clear boundaries. It is, rather, the center of attraction. You can imagine Web 2.0 as a set of rules and practical solutions. They are united in some kind of solar system consisting of nodes, each of which is built taking into account some or all of the described rules and is at a certain distance from the center - an excerpt from the computer.
Web 2.0 is not a new version of the "World Wide Web," but only continues to use the technologies and concepts of Web 1.0. Many of the ideas Web 2.0 already met on the network long before the term Web 2.0 came into being. For example, the Amazon.com site allows users to write reviews and manuals since its inception in 1995.
Disadvantages of using web 2.0 implies a high degree of dependence on third-party services:
- the dependence of sites on the decisions of third-party companies, the dependence of the quality of the service on the quality of work of many other companies;
- poor adaptability of the current infrastructure to performing complex computing tasks in the browser;
- vulnerability of confidential data stored on third-party servers for attackers (known cases of identity theft of users, mass hacking of blog accounts);
- The most serious drawback of web 2.0 sites, where content is concerned with socially significant issues and users are allowed under pseudonyms and anonymously, is increasingly becoming "flooding nonsense" (English term BS-flooding).
In fact, the site of the Web 2.0 era at first glance is interactive and friendly, it allows itself to be easily customized. However, collecting statistics about users, their preferences and interests, personal life, career, circle of friends can help the site owner manipulate the community. And criminal personalities know what. Still I think from web3 not creating normal web2

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