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You can buy a domain if it does not open

Quite often I'm asked to buy this domain name site, I checked it on the Internet no?
In fact, if you have not opened a website, this does not mean that the domain name is free, and that's why. Beautiful and short domain names some companies simply purchase and then resell. For example, you have a domain (it's also a site name) like site.com. You purchased it for $ 10 from the domain name registrar, and you do not have a website. It is not necessary to have the website itself (disk space on the hosting). You can simply extend (pay) each year and wait until someone gets it for a large money. How correctly to check the busy name of the site or not?
For this, there are special services and they are called whois. Sometimes they are interested, but can you have a website without a domain name? Yes, there is such an opportunity. But for this you need to run the http server on the home computer or the repository and set everything up correctly. It is mandatory to have a static IP address. However, now providers almost free of charge provide the service of back resolving which allows you to assign a domain to your computer yourname_name.provider_name.

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