It all depends on the complexity of the site and your design requirements

It all depends on your desire to fill the site with unique content

As an administrator you can see everything that happens. You will receive all notifications to your email.

Pay for advertising is only if you think in advance that there will be a result and compare prices for goods or services from competitors.

Of course, apart from this we can create a forum, chat, advertisements board and much more.

Your users will be able to log in via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus

We think the site needs to be added wherever people are looking for :)

Yes, we're trying to help. But sometimes the site is very poorly done, and it's easier to do it again. Remember the most valuable of your domain, and the older it is better!

The site is very simple to fill. If you have a simple computer skills it will be very easy to work.  

A site like this. $1000. What's in this?

Template changing, writing and adding meta tags, adding a site to search engines.

Your site will be visible in search engines approximately after first week. The more unique information you give the better your site will look.

Yes, of course, on the example of our site you can see the mobile version

In all dynamic modules, it is created automatically )

Yes of course in the system there is an automatic crossposting in such social networks - twitter, linkedin, tumblr. 

Very detailed statistics, in addition, we put on your account and google analytics

Yes, of course, in different versions, plus the button up the page

We think that this is only a system of good statistics and no more )