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Promotion website

Promotion website Promotion of the site a set of measures to ensure that the site is attended by targeted visitors. Target visitors are potential consumers who are interested in purchasing the products or services that are presented on the Web site being promoted.

There are plenty of channels for attracting visitors to the Internet. The main ones are the following.

Search optimization Optimizing the site to obtain high rankings in the search engine on site-related requests;

In-place advertisements to display advertisements for users who are interested in the advertisement at this time.

Media advertisements to display ads on sites

Industry and price aggregator are sites with catalogues of goods from different companies;

Targeted advertising in social networks allows you to display advertisements according to your demographic and personal interests.

Partnership programmes;

Video ads and mobile ads are still being used by companies as a test channel, but are gradually gaining momentum, especially mobile advertising, which, according to various estimates, is over 40% per annum;

Email marketing useful e-mail messages to users who to this voluntary consent

Content marketing to involve users by publishing useful content.

SMM the creation of a loyal audience in social networks by publishing useful information and communicating with potential consumers.

One of the most important stages of the site's promotion is search optimization (SEO), which is a set of measures to improve the site's positioning in search engines, and thus increases its target attendance.

The search engine's position on the site is influenced by many factors that are internal and external.

internal factors are determined by the site itself (its content, structure, title, number, and density of keywords, and so on). In general, the degree to which a site is optimized for a particular search.

Main internal factors:

The name of the domain. It also takes into account the domain's regional affiliation.

The title of the page. Must contain keywords. It is desirable that they be in the same form as the user request in the search engine (for example, if the user enters the "big elephant" query, the title page containing the phrase "big elephant", all other equal conditions, will be higher than the page in which the phrase "big elephants" appears in the title. It's better that this phrase is at the beginning of the headline. It is recommended that you do not exceed 60 characters the content of the title element (better measure this value in PX, the maximum title length for Google search system is 512 pixels)

The text on the page (content) and the keywords that the user is searching for in the search engine to find the information that you provide.

The presence of keywords in the text of the page, the ratio of keywords to the total number of words.

Select keywords H1, h2 ... (The heading H1 is used only once per page!)

Proximity of keywords to the top of the page

Number of pages

The total number of links in the site.

HTML markup

The ID of the title, description, and keywords meta tags in the code (the META tag is ignored).

The alt-picture attribute must contain keywords to find the picture.

References must be made using the <a> tag. If a reference is made using JavaScript, the reference is not considered to be a search engine. If you want it to be posted, you must duplicate the regular HTML reference.

The markup itself must be well structured and without error.

Meta tags in order of importance: Title, description, keywords. The contents of the description tag are displayed by some search engines as text under the link to the site in the checkout is sniping. A snip can also fall into the title or one of the headings of the page to which it refers, depending on the text that the search algorithm considers the most relevant query. The contents of the keywords tag are considered when determining whether a page matches a search request [2]. It is not desirable to have more than 200 characters in the description attribute value. The keywords attribute value must not exceed 1000 characters. A maximum of 15 words expiry title are displayed and recorded in the show.

Internal Relink links between pages in the site.

External factors are determined by other sites.

Among the external factors in the promotion of the site are the

Behavioural factors, naturality, quantity and quality of references.

The influence of factors on the site's position in the search engine is relatively dependant on the search engine itself and changes over time.

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