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Site optimization secrets

Working in the Optimization area, you have found secrets in this area that can help you understand and interest site visitors, on the one hand, and search engines, on the other, using their forces to attract new visitors and resource customers. What are they, the site optimization secrets? First, let's deal with the term "optimization." From a mathematical point of view, this is a optimum function in a number of constraints. From an informatics perspective, optimization is the process of modifying the system to improve its efficiency.

That is, the site optimization can be understood to mean a modification of a resource in which the use of each item is not to the detriment of any user (person or robot). By doing "good" for robots, we should not forget visitors and vice versa — doing good for the visitors, we should remember the search geeks. Once the site is created, it is already known that people and search robots use it and, depending on the quality of the optimization, they and others form their relationship with some criteria. For example, for users, the basic criteria are:-The usefulness of content on a site for a visitor; -Content matching with what the visitor was looking for -Easy use of the resource, quick download, minimum distraction factors; And so on. For search robots The basic criteria for a useful site are: Minimum technical errors on the site, ease of indexing; -Title match to content; -The resource's reference popularity; and others. The primary site optimization secret is to keep in mind anyone who can use your site and give them a positive relationship to their resource. If visitors like the site, they recommend it to their friends and acquaintances (I'm not just talking about people at this time). There should be no element in the site or code that does not matter. I'll try to explain it later, but first, a little bit about the spin and move. By increasing the popularity of the site among the various social groups, blogs and other resources that you visit, using ADS, contextual, and other types of ads, reviews, announcements, and presentations, and using offline marketing by assigning the case to PR companies or by working individually, we're talking about a Web-based site. To unwind a site this is more work on the first bowl of weights (see image above), on the popularity of the site among people, even though imaginary.

It is possible to promote the site through technical techniques, showing only good qualities to the search Liviu, hiding inside all the inconsistent official or unofficial policies.

Maksimal'nej the positive attitude of visitors (people and bots) to a resource, the more it is optimized (for them). When you unwind your site without moving it into search engines or moving it without having to scroll through another segment of the network, we're losing some of the audience, which is hard to call the optimal solution and approach. Source: Devaka.ru

Only in the case of an optimized site will the promotion and/or unwind produce good results. At times, resource owners are forgotten about one of the weights, ordering the movement of the freelancers and wanting to receive the traffic without having to worry about his fate. On the basis of the above, the site optimization secret is, first of all, the answer to the following questions:-do site visitors feel comfortable with it and find useful content? Do you want to return and recommend the site to your acquaintance? How do robots see my web site, and are they positive? Only when affirmative responses are received will it be possible to move and unwind, then the effect is maximized, believe me

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