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Google site Promotion

Google site PromotionGoogle's audience is the largest in the world, much beyond the audience of other search engines. They are always used by people of different ages and social groups to find goods, services and other information. This is why the promotion and optimization of Google sites is relevant to the resources of any subject and focus.

The benefits of moving a site to Google include:

High traffic quality. The search engine is considered to use the most solvent audience, ready to perform various conversion activities.

In Google, the checkout update happens very often, so the rezul'tatmozhno to watch after a short time.

Stability. Despite the dynamism of the system, Google search algorithms rarely change dramatically. Therefore, optimizing the resource under this system is particularly relevant in integrated advertising campaigns.

Moving a site to Google: Where to start?

To begin with, find out if your site indexed a Google search robot. To do this, you must enter site in the search string: Name

Site and search engine will check out all of the pages that Google has added to its base and can be found by users. If not, you can tell Google about the existence of your site. This will speed up the indexing process. To keep track of a resource's scans in the future, you must create a Web Wizard in the Google account, and the optimization process is greatly facilitated.

Working on the META tags (title, description)

Headlines are important metategom that have an impact on progress. In fact, largely based on it, the search robot infers the content of the page. Site optimization begins with the creation of correct headers, and it is important to consider the following recommendations:

The content of the headings should exactly match the content of the page. In doing so, they should include the necessary keywords and be readable and user-friendly.

Each page must have a unique title.

The title should be brief and informative. Although Google allows more words to be used in title than a browser string, it is better to have a more concise and informative title.

It is not allowed to automatically generate the page name in the site management system.

When optimizing, note that Google likes direct occurrences of requests in the header.

For other meta, such as description and keywords, their use is not so important, and they have little impact on progress. But filling in these fields is a sign of good tones when optimizing your site under Google. It should be noted that Google is often given a description from the description to form snippets, so write the text that is appealing to the user.

Do not economize on hosting. The response time and page load rate directly affect the site rating on the search engine. Place your resource on a quality hosting-this will have a positive impact on its ranking.

Unique content only. Without this, it's not possible to Google the site. Even if you're pushing the news portal, before you index the material with a robot, you need to rewrite the information before you place it. This includes the need to avoid duplication of information within the site. If this is not possible, you can at least manually close the text from the index by the search robot in the URrobots.txt file.

Always update the resource. If you update content several times a week with small chunks (even in 500 characters), Google will be much faster to index the site, considering it interesting and useful to users. But do not use any additional software that automatically generates content — the search engine has long learned to build semantic and syntactic links between words in sentences and may well recognize poor text. You'd better order the writing of articles from copywriter.

Reference. One of the whales of search optimization is reference. Some time ago, it was enough to buy a certain number of links to your site, and that would ensure its high position on important words. At this point, the situation has changed, although references also have a significant impact on site ranking. It is important to consider many factors when selecting them:

Quality and be of resources. It's better to get some good ones than 100 with a notoriously bad quality.

Encore-Text (the text surrounding the words for the link). In contrast to other Google search engines love the exact occurrence of requests, but it is important to not abuse the same encore and use different language. Links should be made on different pages in the site, not just on the Web page, but on the others. The text should be a thematic one, that is, the words frequently used for the topic.

The consistency of the reference mass growth. If your site was only started yesterday, and you're starting to optimize it today, you can't buy a lot of.

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