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How to attract visitors to the site

If you have a store perhaps it will work, just the question of how often you can advertise and how much your products or services are in demand.
Some think that the more visitors on the site, the more he has a rating. It's not true, the rating of a site depends on how much more well-known resources refer to it. For example, you install your link to several known resources and you have a rating increase in time. But visitors often find you and come to your site for information, that is, for the article you wrote.
I see a lot of sites that are of the same type, sometimes owners ask me questions like - how to increase the site's ranking?
And to increase it simply, you need to be yourself and write your thoughts.
Well, that's not all, the site needs to be correctly added to well-known search engines. The word correctly refers to registering a webmaster and adding not only a site but also other subtleties for search engines.
How else can I find visitors to the site?
Be sure to add a map organization site. I also advise you to add a photo of your office or place. Read the rules for adding photos. Photos on your site, be sure to make a description for them, look for people and pictures!
Free bulletin boards, catalogs and add links to social networks as a few more ways to promote your site.
If you have a lot of information on your site, it's useful to set up a custom search from Google.
Sometimes I hear that it spoils the design, then just make a screenshot of your site install it on your desktop and admire :)
Do not disdain links to known resources such as Wikipedia and others from your site. Do not clog the site with different pop-ups and similar stuff, users do not like it.
Another way to promote this is to make a small video clip about your company and put it on YouTube, having previously created the channel.
Correctly to name your channel for search, to add a good description and there necessarily a link to your site.
A little patience and on your site will be visitors :)


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