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Once again about single-page sites, landing page

One-page site or as they say landing page, lending, although much discussion about this expression :)
The currently popular format of sites, which does not involve a branched structure and a transition to other pages. The entire content of such a site fits on one page and is scrolled up and down by scrolling, often this happens when the buttons are pressed.

On the other hand, lending is not always suitable for everyone, and before ordering the development of such a site, it is important to assess its advantages and especially the disadvantages, many of which are fraught with serious limitations in the implementation of goals.

Advantages of lending.

Low cost and fast development time

Create a site consisting of one page, much faster and cheaper than a resource with a multi-level menu. And although it is possible to create a single-page design, and sometimes you need to invest a lot, making a real "bomb" out of it, on average, the cost of a one-page is lower than on a classic site. In many respects that is why the landings are so popular.

Uniqueness and design

Give a unique kind of lending is much easier than multipage site. First, a limited field for creativity allows the designer to focus on one unique solution, rather than spreading the thought over the tree (and literally - on the tree of the site). Secondly, illustrations and texts for lending are usually prepared in advance, so the designer rightly disposes on the page all the necessary elements.

The ability to manage the attention of a visitor

Unlike a multi-page site on which a visitor can endlessly wander through a multitude of unpredictable routes, the number and order of perception of content on a single-page site are set initially. The owner of such a site can be sure that the visitor will receive the necessary information and will not be distracted by something else.

Visibility of rich content

It often happens that the owner of a multi-page site does not have much information. In this case, even a dozen half-empty pages with a single paragraph of text on each will look lean and unpresentable. However, the same ten paragraphs, collected in a certain order on one page, will give the impression of completeness of the information provided.


The layout of a single-page site allows you to place a lot of illustrative material on the landings. In this case, the images not only give the one-page uniqueness, but also perfectly retain the attention of visitors when navigating the site.

Emotional Visitor Travel

Single-page sites often make it so aesthetically intricate and entertaining that the traffic of visitors on them begins to resemble an exciting journey - as opposed to the passive consumption of heterogeneous information from dozens of identical pages of a classic site. Line by line, slide by slide, the user is drawn into a movement along a unique path, throughout which intrigue is preserved - what will happen next?

Disadvantages of a one-page website

Longer loading times

A large amount of information and several images on one page, of course, require more time to load the website. However, for the sake of fairness it should be noted that there are a number of technical ways to alleviate this shortcoming - for example, to set up a dynamic page load.

Difficulties in disclosing content

Even if your page contains a lot of different information, "landing" visitors will still be at its beginning. This means that users will have to work hard to find the content they are interested in, and you have to make every effort to keep them on the site before this joyful moment and to make it as easy as possible for them to search.

Problems with analytics

Since there is only one URL for a single-page site, analyzing the behavior of visitors on it is rather difficult: standard analytical reports do not give an idea of ​​what particular information of the landing interested the audience, and more subtle configuration of the analytical system will require significant additional costs.

Serious restrictions on SEO-promotion

Single-page sites are poorly indexed by search engines, and they are quite difficult to promote through SEO. After all, if each page of a regular site can be optimized for a limited set of specific keywords, then this number will not work with the lending.

Low-effective Internet advertising

Due to the fact that advertisements on the network will lead to the same page of lending, their effectiveness will be significantly lower than in the case of multi-page sites.

Bad compatibility with the blog

Blog - a powerful source of traffic, but the symbiosis of a blog and a single-page is a difficult thing to implement. Therefore, if you have conceived a blog as one of the main components of your site, it is better to refuse from landing as a platform for its implementation.


Yes-yes, among Internet users there are also those who need to scroll a long page of elementary annoying. In addition, one-page sites are becoming very much, and more often they are created by charlatans and impure people. As a result, a pattern of perception is formed: if the site is single-page, then it's not serious.

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