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Unique text for the site, we write and get the result

When creating sites, many are faced with the issue of filling the content of their resources. It's one thing to write about us, to form a price of services or goods. But another constantly fill the site with unique texts. What is the best for promotion and I think to challenge it no one can!
Yes you can talk about fashionable now one-page lending, but that's up it to raise in the search without advertising well in any way. Personal opinion that such sites are needed for one-time sales, provided that there is a budget for advertising or there are no competitors at all :)
Many resource owners make it easier, they take articles from similar sites and simply rewrite them for money, or they themselves. Yes uniqueness can be achieved high and such an article search engine will write to you on the account. But there is one secret if your site is relatively new then copied from you news to another site can count them and not you!
Where to check the uniqueness? This can be done at https://www.quetext.com.
All customers in the black, who himself began to write on their sites.
The latest and striking example is the home appliance repair site in Brooklyn

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